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If you have any questions or have problems with our site please read the help topics below before contacting us.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get listed on this site:
  1. Login to your AdultWork account
  2. Click on "My Details"
  3. Click "Edit Profile"
  4. Make sure the box next to "Do not show my profile on affiliate promotion pages" is NOT ticked
  5. Make sure your profile is verified
  6. Make sure you have a feedback rating of greater than 0
  7. Make sure you have self certified your profile as not being explicit, we do not allow sexually explicit photos to be shown on this site
  8. Make sure your profile county is set to Hampshire
  9. Make sure your profile has been updated recently, our escorts are sorted by last updated date
As long as you meet these requirements then you will appear on our All Female Escorts page. Your will also have a chance of being displayed on our home page. If you have any questions or for a guaranteed banner or featured escort profile please contact us.
If you are an independent escort you can also create a completely free full page profile at our main site The British Escorts Directory.
Hampshire Escorts is an affiliate of AdultWork and as such we are allowed to display images and profile details taken from the AdultWork database on our site. In order to get your image removed from this site you will need to:
  1. Login to your AdultWork account
  2. Click on "My Details"
  3. Click "Edit Profile"
  4. Make sure the box next to "Do not show my profile on affiliate promotion pages" IS ticked
Please note that if you do this your image will also be removed from all other AdultWork affiliate sites that work the same way as this site.
There are two possible reasons for this:
  1. The AdultWork database may be down. The escorts appearing on this site are taken from the AdultWork database. If for some reason they are having problems with their database then escorts will not appear. These problems are usually resolved withing a couple of hours, please try again later.
  2. You may be using ad blocking software that is preventing escorts and banner adverts from appearing on this site. Please try disabling your ad blocker for this site.
If you are still seeing blank spaces then please contact us to report the problem.
Our front page shows a selection of the Hampshire based escorts listed on this site. If you appear on our All Female Escorts page and have recently updated your AdultWork profile then you will also appear on our home page.
We get asked this question more often than any other, here are our tips for getting started:
  1. Create a free profile on our main site The British Escorts Directory. Spend time writing a detailed and appealing profile, look at other profiles for inspiration. There is a huge amount of competition out there so you should take your time in making your profile look as good as possible.
  2. Get some photos done, the average mobile phone takes great photos these days, take the time to get some quality shots, the more the better. Add these to your profile.
  3. Get a Twitter account. Twitter is a fantastic way for escorts to promote themselves.
  4. Create a free profile at AdultWork. Add a private gallery and some videos to start making money right away.
  5. Consider what other services you could offer, for example webcam shows or phone sex chat.
  6. Get a website, a basic site should cost no more than £300-£500 and this will quickly pay for itself if it's done right.
If you like the look of our site and would like to discuss the possibility of us creating a website for you, then please contact us.
No we are not, and we cannot provide you with details of availability or any other personal information relating to the escorts listed on our site.
Please contact the escorts directly via their AdultWork profile.